Meet your A/AA NextGenNetwork Committee

Joel Kennedy – VIC Rep

About me

Recently graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor (honors) degree in Aerospace Engineering. I was an active member within the engineering field and also within the sporting teams.  Involved with designing the wings for the FSAE Petrol race team and helped begin an Australian first by being one the first members of VicHyper, Australia's only hyperloop team, where I helped get the team to the final round that was hosted at SpaceX headquarters. I have enjoyed being apart of all these different aspects and I have strived to learn as much as I can, as I Know this will help me further my engineering aspirations.

Why I got involved with NextGenNetwork

I was lucky enough to be apart of the one the early NextGen events which was drinks with a boss. I decided to go to the event as I thought it could be interesting to meet people with similar interests and begin learning more about the industry in which I hoped to enter. After the first event I thought it was brilliant and that made me keep continuing my membership. I really enjoyed how it gave me the chance to meet people of industry in a more relaxed environment.

What I love most about being on the committee

I am excited to be apart of something that has helped me in creating a network. I am excited to be able to voice some ideas and help the next lot of young graduates to further their networks and help them gain further insight into an industry that is sometimes shrouded in some mystery.

Why should you get involved

/ A chance to meet people that you may not have the chance otherwise, whilst doing it in a relaxed environment

/ Having the opportunity to learn and further your knowledge

/ Having fun while doing it