CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy 4 Hectare Flight Training Precinct

CAE and Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) have created a 40,000 sqm flight training precinct at Moorabbin Airport. $50 million has been invested into new training facilities, student accommodation, services infrastructure, hardstand aircraft parking areas, modern training aircraft, simulators and landscaping.

This industry best flight training precinct supports the largest airline flight training contract delivered by a flight training organisation (FTO) in Australia. $200m+ exports (training services) will be generated. 

This showcase precinct demonstrates that the Australian flight training sector is responding and investing in opportunities for additional pilots both domestically and internationally. 

CAE at Moorabbin Airport
CAE is the world's leading and largest FTO (Commercial Pilot Licence, Air Transport Pilot Licence and Multi-Crew Pilot Licence) and is a Registered Training Organisation.

The new CAE flight training precinct incorporates leading design and efficiencies and has three components:

  • Training Facilities - purpose designed educational facilities. 2,300 sqm over 2 levels including theatres, simulators, operations centre and corporate offices. Completed in March 2018.
  • Aircraft Parking - 25,000 sqm of aircraft parking area. Completed in March 2018.
  • Student Pilot Accommodation - 176 bed Student Village. Opening in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Paul Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Moorabbin Airport Corporation, said "CAE represent the very best of flight training organisations. 136 CAE staff, including 70 flight instructors and 15 aircraft engineers, educate up to 370 students each year in 32 aircrafts and 6 simulators. CAE have a 50:50 domestic to international student mix. CAE customers include: China Eastern Airlines, Swinburne University and domestic Australian airlines.

CAE and China Eastern Airlines (7th largest airline in the world) have entered a long-term pilot training joint venture at Moorabbin Airport.

Moorabbin Airport Aviation Development Plan
The new CAE 4 Hectare precinct delivers the core flight training role of Moorabbin Airport as identified in MAC's approved Master Plan. CAE are the largest aviation customer at the airport and this transaction ensures Moorabbin Airport will remain Victoria's largest general aviation cluster (jobs, aircraft and students) and Australia's leading flight training airport. 

For further information please contact: 
Rebecca Donnet on (03) 8587 8000
or via email [email protected]

About CAE
CAE is a global leader in the delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets. CAE design and integrate the indsutry's most comprehensive training solutions, anchored by the knowledge and expertise of 8,500 employees, world-leading simulation technologies and track a record of service and technology innovation spanning seven decades. CAE's global presence is the broadest in the industry, with 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries, including joint venture operations, and the world's largest installed base of flight simulators. Each year, CAE train more than 120,000 civil and defence crew members, as well as thousands of healthcare professionals.

About Moorabbin Airport
Australia's leading flight training airport located 21km south east of the Melbourne CBD. Each year 1,250 students are trained by 16 flight training schools in the largest general aviation cluster in Victoria. Our focus is delivering airport services and infrastructure to support safety and responsible aviation practices. Moorabbin Airport delivered the most aviation activity during June 2017. 250 businesses, 4,500 jobs and 5% of the City of Kingston's workforce are based at this state significant airport site. Each year more than 6 million people visit Moorabbin Airport and it's popular destinations include the Australian National Aviation Museum, Direct Factory Outlet, Costco and Chifley Business Park. 

Image: CAE Oxford Aviation Academy 4 Hectare Precinct. Completed training facility and
aircraft parking (midground). Student pilot village (foreground) under construction completion Q3 2018.


Image left: CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Training Facility.
Image right: CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and Hardstand Aircraft Parking Apron. 


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