A/AA has launched a virtual online mentoring program with monthly video calls and interactions to remain connected to industry and allow continuing professional development which offers benefits such as;

•    Enabling knowledge sharing and career development
•    Increased leadership capacity
•    Positively impacted financial performance (as a result of the above)


'As a mentor I like to share tips and tricks you can’t read about in a textbook about how to create, find and capture the career opportunities to succeed and contribute value within the space sector over a first decade of work, which come from my own experiences and lessons learned. It’s not all just about how to get your first space job! I think it is also very important to share what I know about the ecosystems, challenges and trends of the space industry, so that the mentee can best position themselves to be a space talent of the future rather than just the present,’ mentor, Katherine Bennell, Assistant Manager, Program and Capability, Australian Space Agency.

'Don't be afraid to be a little vulnerable so be honest about your career aspirations and what you hope to gain from the mentoring program. When I first was seeking out mentors, I used to downplay my passion for space exploration because I thought it would be a little hard to come by in Australia. But when applying for the A/AA mentoring program, I did not hold back on expressing my ambitions & interests and I'm thankful that it ended up paying off in a great way!’ mentee, Yasmin Zaman, B. Engineering (Aerospace)(Hons.) & B. Science (majoring in Neuroscience) at UNSW

‘The pairing of mentors and mentee is very important, and it’s something that the A/AA program does very well. The online platform is also a very accessible way for mentors and mentees to interact.‘Always remember to keep an open mind and attitude for new opportunities. Being receptive to people and places often leads us down exciting paths to places and experiences that we never foresaw.’ Cameron Tribe – Mentor, Member of the Aviation Industry Advisory Board, Swinburne University of Technology

'Throughout my career so far I have yet to work on the same team as another women. While the working environment has always been supportive, I’ve not had much opportunity to talk to another women about leadership or about topics like juggling motherhood with an engineering career. Just being able to talk to another woman on these topics has been somewhat of a relief.' Shani de Leeuw – Mentee, Systems Engineer Avionics, Thales Australia

'My intention is that I can provide Shani with information so that if she is ever faced with a similar situation to me that she will handle it better than I did and hopefully turn something that could go pear-shaped into something more beneficial or more of a successful/pleasant/comfortable experience.' Kathleen Boseley – Mentor, Manager Engineering Services, Support Engineering, Australia Pacific, Airbus

'Being able to connect with Alise, we have gotten along well and have found multiple avenues which we would like to explore together. I also appreciate how open and honest we have been with each other which allows us to tackle some interesting and difficult topics. I would 100% recommend giving it a go, you don’t know where it might take you and who you will meet until you try it out.' Karolina Leszczynski, Systems Engineer, Boeing Defence Australia

'For me, I wanted to practise my coaching skills and pass on recent professional development activities that I have been accomplishing. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m really enjoying. Thanks A/AA for providing the opportunity!' Alise Hewson, Operations Manager – Brisbane, Nova Systems

Two streams are available  


•    Aimed at women in the aviation and aerospace industry looking for growth and guidance to achieve leadership opportunities in the future; 
/   Mentee’s should have at least 3 years of industry experience 
/   Mentors should have at least 10 years of industry experience (can be male or female) 


•    Aimed at women and men in the aviation and aerospace industry look for growth and guidance to achieve leadership opportunities in the future; 
/   Mentee’s should have approximately 3 years of study (can be male or female)
/   Mentors should have at least 5 years of industry experience (can be male or female)

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