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Thu 18 Jun 2020 (6:00pm - 7:30pm)

Chat@6 with Women in A/AA

[email protected] with Women in A/AA - Anntonette (Anny) Dailey | Executive Director, Operations and Communications at Australian Space Agency

Women in A/AA is thrilled to have Anntonette (Anny) as our guest speaker at our upcoming event! The evenings focus will be on Space careers and the future space workforce. 

[email protected] with Women in A/AA gives you an opportunity to virtually connect with an aviation/aerospace leader in an online environment. Grab your favourite drink and listen from the comfort of your own home, as Anny talks about her experiences as she's taken on even more responsible leadership positions, and ask Anny the questions you often don’t get the chance to in more formal settings. 

Who is invited 
In the spirit of keeping everyone connected, A/AA would like to extend complimentary attendance to all, not limited to our members. So if you’re in the industry or keen to be a part of it, join our [email protected] with Women in A/AA series.


Anntonette is an Executive Director at the Australian Space Agency and commenced in the Agency soon after it was established in July 2018. Anny is responsible for the operations of the Agency and ensuring it meets it government requirements as well establishing its governance arrangement. In addition to managing the parliamentary interaction, finances, human resources and event management, Anny is also responsible for all communications for the Agency and has a personal goal to meet the key values of the Agency – namely to inspire Australians and ‘do cool stuff’.

In 2019, Anntonette was identified in the Financial Review’s as one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women.

As a chartered professional engineer, Anny graduated with honours at the University of Technology Sydney and took on a career in sustainability. Working across multiple Government agencies as well as not for profit and consultancy – Anny brings more than 12 years as a senior executive capability to the Agency.

For event and media enquiries, contact [email protected] or go to space.gov.au.

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