QLD PD Workshop: Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Professionals

Thu 7 Mar 2019 (9:00am - 1:30pm)
Level 10, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Members (A/AA, WA/AA & NGN) $545.00
Non-Members $745.00

QLD PD Workshop: Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Professionals

The workshop focus is on Negotiating with External Stakeholders. See the big picture and overcome the influencing barriers.

Who should attend: Team Leaders | Project, Contract, Procurement Managers | Sales, Marketing, Business Development Managers | Administrators.

Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Professionals is a unique customised interactive workshop for professionals with 2 – 10 years of career experience. It is designed to improve your capability to see the big picture when influencing and dealing with stakeholders – your customers, boss, colleagues, etc

The program is about making the right judgment call, building confidence, understanding human behaviour and protecting yourself against potential "dirty tactics" which are designed to take advantage of you.

You will learn skills to dramatically change how you approach your next conversation to achieve a desirable outcome, projecting self-confidence, and making a positive first impression without the need to compromise your relationship with the other side - even if you have to tell them no!

You will gain an understanding of human behaviour and the psychology of influencing others, as well as providing opportunities and information to assist you with articulating your message clearly and overcoming any barriers to getting the result that you want.

The very nature of human behaviour means that the psychology of basic human needs and emotions are involved in the influencing process and the way people perceive information. These factors can interfere with the substantive focus of the conversation and make the negotiation and influencing process more difficult.

Topics Covered

  • Knowledge and understanding of the strategic negotiation and influencing process
  • The principles of Enhanced Collaboration and Communication Skills – the ECCS Factor TM
  • Improving your confidence and self-image in addition to assertiveness skills
  • Effective communication skills and managing relationships
  • Body language
  • The psychology of basic human needs and emotional intelligence
  • Compliance tactics that are designed to influence you
  • Practical techniques and tools to deal with the stress and emotion
  • Decision making process and judgement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learn when to say no and how to say no
  • Managing difficult conversations and picking your battles

The interactive workshop will be run by two faciltiators from NegotiationWise®. NegotiationWise® utilise the expertise of facilitators with many years of negotiation & influencing experience. The programs are developed by qualified professionals with over 95-years’ combined experience, in managing and negotiating multi-party projects and contracts worth billions of dollars. Our programs are based upon extensive commercial negotiation experience derived from corporate, government, and private industry in Negotiations, Business, Commercial, Contract, and Project Management activities. By utilising a collaborative approach to jointly address problems, parties can develop solutions and opportunities to achieve a Wise Outcome.

Attendees develop the skills to look for novel solutions to a problem whilst allowing the negotiating parties to come to a meaningful agreement, which is an agreement that will be honoured by all parties while managing the relationship at the same time. Understanding the alternatives enables the parties to knowingly reach a favourable outcome, rather than accepting an agreement that is far worse or rejecting an option than might have been more beneficial.

The very nature of human behaviour means emotions are involved in the negotiation process. Emotions can impact on your ability to negotiate effectively and make the process more difficult. Separating the emotions from the issues, which form the crux of the negotiation, also means managing and separating the relationship

Event Details:
When: Thursday 7 March 2019
Time: 9am to 1:15pm  (9am registration and 9:30 start through until 1:15pm – 15 mins break) 
Venue: BDO, Level 10, 12 Creek Street Brisbane 4000 QLD

Members: $545
Non-members: $745


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