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Female Aussie Pilots Star In Campaign From Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Currently, only three per cent of commercial airline pilots and 10 per cent of aerospace engineers globally are women.

To combat this, Aviation/Aerospace Australia and GHO have partnered up to launch a campaign highlighting some of Australia’s best young female pilots and engineers, in order to show what Australia’s female talent has to offer.

The campaign includes a launch video, posters, landing page, and a brochure for parents and teachers to share with the young women in their lives.

The launch video showcases inspiring women within the industry, demonstrating what’s possible through a career in aviation and aerospace. From a Royal Australian Air Force Pilot to a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering, the campaign proves that young women can become whatever they want to be.

Aviation/Aerospace Australia is a not-for-profit that represents the entire sector from Boeing to Qantas and everything in between, helping promote the industry’s long-term health through training, advocacy, gender diversity, and recruitment.

Speaking at a launch event in Sydney to celebrate International Women’s Day, GHO managing director Eithne McSwiney said: “One of the reasons that girls and their parents aren’t considering careers in the aviation and aerospace industries is because they are not aware of the scale and breadth of opportunities available to them. Exciting, well-paid careers with the ability to change the world for the better.

“There’s a saying: ‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.’ With such a small number of women represented in the aviation and aerospace industry, it’s fair to say that young girls currently lack role models for these diverse and exciting careers.

“So, our aim in this campaign was to simply show the range of roles available for young women, and the inspiring women already doing them.”

Tamara Bell, executive director, Aviation/Aerospace Australia, said: “With the support of the Federal Government, we set out to both build awareness and answer the questions that girls and parents have in their minds about the opportunities available to women in aviation and aerospace. A career in aviation and aerospace is like no other. From pilots to engineers, to exploring the skies and space, these are no ordinary jobs.”

By Josie Tutty from B&T

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