Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) is an initiative of the national industry association – Aviation/Aerospace Australia (A/AA).  The primary aim of the program is to promote the issue of gender diversity and the participation of women within the aviation and aerospace sector in Australia. The program will also provide a network for women to connect with industry peers, inspire future generations to join the industry, and excel in their chosen careers.

Despite the fact that the nation’s airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers, regulators and industry bodies boast a relatively high proportion of women leaders, aviation and aerospace are still perceived as “male dominated”, and the overall levels of female participation remain stubbornly low.

A/AA is proud to take a leading role in celebrating and promoting diversity in the workplace generally, and the Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia program is designed to help the industry change the status quo in relation to the participation of women in this exciting and dynamic sector.

The objectives of the initiative are to:

/ inspire more women to pursue careers in the sector;

/ encourage women to pursue career progression within the sector;

/ raise awareness of gender diversity issues;

/ provide support and professional development opportunities for those already working in the sector;

/ support human resources professionals in attracting and retaining women in the sector.


To achieve these objectives, the WA/AA program will feature a range of activities, including:

/ Publication of the “Beyond the Glass Ceiling” booklet, profiling a sample of the many successful female role models across the sector, which will be distributed nationally to industry, schools and universities;

/ Convening an annual Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia National Summit, bringing together a cross-section of aviation and aerospace professionals to discuss the issues affecting gender diversity in the sector and begin the process of mapping a way forward to address these issues;

/ A range of professional development workshops and seminars for women in the sector;

/ Development of a Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia Toolkit for human resources professionals in the sector to assist in recruiting and retaining more women in their organisations;

/ Development of a National Women in Aviation/Aerospace Schools Campaign to encourage young women to consider a career in the sector.



Aviation/Aerospace Australia has taken a leadership role in diversity and we are pleased to offer the opportunity for you to be part of the journey. WA/AA has connected, inspired and achieved measurable success, for women in the aviation and aerospace industries since 2013.

Harness the opportunity to be part of the change you want to see realised It makes business sense.

Your membership will provide access to exclusive privileges and support activities that will continue to dissolve the glass ceiling by;

/ Be part of a network of like minded individuals
/ Priority booking and discounts to WA/AA networking events, summits and products

/ Personally raise awareness by listing Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia Network Member with your name

/ Access to comment on WA/AA social media channels

/ Open to women and men

/ Professional Development

/ Tax Deductible

/ Raising awareness of gender disparity in the sector

/ Acknowledging role models

/ Encouraging companies to provide the best possible policies and working environments for inclusivity

/ Offering tools to excel in your career

/ Achieving measurable outcomes for gender diversity progression

/ Presenting diversity of thought from both men and women



$120 per year – Professionals

$77 – Full Time Student

*25% discount for A/AA NextGenNetwork members

Make connections, support the industry, be visible!





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